The Sensitive Success Society is a self-study online course for
sensitive entrepreneurs who want to learn how to better understand, manage & leverage their sensitive gifts to skyrocket their business!
Ready to thrive with your sensitive gifts?
You are...
  • A highly sensitive, intuitive and/or an empathic entrepreneur...
  • Keen to learn how to manage and leverage your sensitivity so it becomes your greatest business asset (and not your secret Achilles heel)...
  • Ready to really step it up and be an 'in-charge' CEO for your business rather than getting stuck in overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Make amazing money doing what you love withoutchanging who you are! 

Being highly sensitive can sometimes feel like a curse because you often feel too much, sense too much, and can get hurt too easily. You desperately try to shake it off, and "man up" in order to compete in a frenzied and busy marketplace. Yet it does not work. The strategies that enable others to skyrocket feel fake to you, pushy tactics turn you off, and other people's “blueprints” feel inauthentic and restrictive.

You feel overwhelmed, tired, and at times, simply exhausted and disheartened. You have tried many strategies, and completed countless training courses, yet none have really made a significant difference.

You are becoming more and more depleted emotionally, physically and financially. You have questions spinning around your head constantly. "Why am I not more successful? Why am I not making more money? Why can't I attract my dream customers? Why do I feel so overwhelmed"? The answer is because you have tried running your business like your peers. You forgot how unique you are.

Being a highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneur means that you need to be doing business differently. You are not meant to fit in a constraining cookie-cutter business box.

It is your time to finally...
  • Discover your hidden sensitive powers to completely transform how you approach your business!
  • Leverage your natural GPS (aka your 3rd Eye friend: your Intuition!) to make more aligned & profitable decisions in your business
  • Banish feelings of overwhelm, panic and inertia to finally get things done with focus and clarity
  • Build strong personal and professional boundaries to protect your energy flow and happiness!
  • Develop healthy and easy self-care regimes so you can enjoy high energy all day every day (even as an empath!)
  • Get comfortable with marketing and sales to make money with ease and without sleaze
  • Step into the virtual limelight (even if you are an introvert) to make more of an impact
  • Release the fear of failure and fear of not being good enough so you can stop your self-sabotage behaviour and become the powerful CEO you know you can be!
  • Make amazing money doing what you love without changing who you are or following some inauthentic blueprint processes! 
Embrace being Highly Sensitive & Highly Successful!

It is time to give up the struggle

Trust the little voice inside of you that tells you it does not have to be so hard.

The business you secretly dream of could indeed become your reality. What you seek is seeking you, too! I know that in your daydreams, you inspire, help, and serve in a deep and meaningful way. You finally feel good and authentic getting your business out into the world! You run a growing business without constant stress, burnout, or anxiety. You actually feel like you are in charge, and have enough downtime to relax and enjoy your life! Well, this kind of success can be all yours!

Let me help you thrive with your sensitive gifts, free yourself from the shadows of sensitivity and open up the path towards Sensitive Success!

What is included in the Sensitive Success Society
7 Sensitive Mastery Training Modules
You will receive 7 Sensitive Mastery Training Modules (with 3 Videos per Module)
 to set you up for "Sensitive Success"! 

Your Training Modules

The Sensitivity Training

Discover how your sensitivity affects your life and your business in positive and negative ways and learn how to release limiting beliefs and embrace your sensitive gifts!

The Overwhelm Training

Discover how to get over the "Overs": Overwhelm, overstimulation, overthinking, over-perfection! Enjoy feeling focused, sharp and aligned with your purpose and projects without falling into perfectionism or procrastination! 

The Visibility Training

Learn how to handle online visibility in a way that suits your sensitive needs and successfully deal with visibility fears and the fear of rejection or online haters! Discover how to boost your self-worth and shine confidently in the marketplace (think social media, email marketing etc)! 

The Energy Training

Recognise and stop the energy drains in your life and business so you can feel energised, productive and focused by mastering boundaries and self-awareness! Discover how to gracefully handle time, focus and pressure to take your business to the next level! 

The Self-Care Training

Discover how to take care of your sensitive self when the world around you is hustling and bustling 24/7 by quieting your mind and calming your anxieties! 

The Money Training

Discover the money mindset pitfalls all HSP's have in common and clear your limiting beliefs to accelerate your abundance in your life and business!

The Business Training

Learn how to confidently step into the role of the promoter in a sales and marketing context to make the most of your sensitive gifts (and step out of your shadow sides).

Action Guide Printables
For every Sensitive Mastery Training Module, you will receive a beautiful Action Guide (PDF) that will help you implement your new knowledge and stay motivated on your success journey!
Your Investment
Join today if you are ready to...
  • Live fully in tune with your sensitive nature and intuitive gifts
  • Having confident control over your emotions and energy levels 
  • Consistently levelling up your business without exhausting yourself
  • Joyfully living out your soul purpose through your business
  • Enjoy financial freedom without constant stress or worry!

Why Me?
  •  I use my special gift of deep intuition and clairvoyance -- paired with over a decade of rich entrepreneurial experience -- to guide my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs on their success journeys. I blend "inner" mindset and soul work with "outer" authentic marketing and sales strategies to help my clients get back into the flow of their true purpose, abundance, and serenity. 
  • I can speak from experience on how to achieve success by changing my mindset, shining with my sensitive personality, using my intuitive gifts and allowing myself to be divinely guided.  I have fundraised 7 figures, built an international Luxury Skincare Brand, been featured in major magazines, won multiple awards, and even sold my previous business in just 5 years.
  • I am a TEDx Speaker on the topic of highly sensitive people with a 2 million views and have dedicated my life's work to support my fellow sensitives. Watch it here! 
  • I am also a Reiki master and spiritual seeker. My spiritual inspirations are Abraham Hicks, Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Elizabeth Peru, EFT and many more...
  • I have built a wonderful global community of sensitive entrepreneurs who regularly seek my advice for achieving serene success in their life and business. I would love to help you too!
  • I have a Master's degree from the London School of Economics in Gender & Social Psychology, which gives me powerful tools to help you master your mindset!

Elena and her Businesses have been featured in:

Join 2,000,000 viewers to watch my TEDx Talk on the 
Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People

A personal note from me to you...

As a highly sensitive person and empath, the entrepreneurial journey proved very challenging for me at first. In my early days, I found myself chronically drained and overwhelmed. Even if I was passionately inspired by what I was doing, I constantly undercharged and over-delivered, got stuck in perfectionism and procrastination, shrank away from sales, suffered from a lack of boundaries and had no idea how to protect my energy. I was burning myself out emotionally, physically, and financially. How could this be given that I LOVED what I was doing? Why was I not as successful as I knew I could and should be? You can probably relate to this feeling of chronic disappointment.

I had placed all of my hopes on amazing marketing and sales strategies to save the day...and yet, they did not. The only thing that was left for me was to go within to find a solution. I came to understand that the real reason I was so stuck was not because I did not master strategies, it was because the shadows of my sensitivity were blocking my way.

When I understood this, I could literally not face another day with my dreams always just being out of reach. Something drastic needed to happen!

At last, I took ownership of my sensitivity and learned to fully understand, manage, and even leverage my sensitive side. It was truly a revelation that led to my current success and the best part-  this time it felt good on the inside too! After years of struggling, I now experienced feeling in charge, energised, and abundant.

I want this same success for you! I know that right now you might feel that success will always remain out of reach, and that this is not meant for you. I get it! When I think about my journey, I feel so much love and kinship for you, my fellow sensitive entrepreneur, as I know what it feels like to be stuck in a frustrating cycle of hard work, depleted energy, and emotional "baggage" from being too sensitive.

From my own experience, I can tell you that unless you really, fully, truly understand and embrace your sensitivity -- and overcome its inherent challenges -- the road to success will always be a rocky one. I don't want you to struggle for as long as I did! That is why I have decided to pour all of my passion, experience, and intuitive insights into building the Sensitive Success Society. I want to help you succeed in the way you are destined to! I want to dispel the myth that to make big things happen (or earn big money!) you need to be hard-nosed, cold and calculating. Together, we can show the world that gentle power is limitless! 

I have achieved my business success by fully owning and leveraging my softer side, and so can you! My mission is to be your lighthouse on this journey so that you can succeed in being fully, beautifully, and radiantly YOU! It is time to stop playing it small, and start stepping into your greatness! I would be honoured to show you how!

With love and gratitude,

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