To Celebrate My 1.5 Million TEDx Talk Views, I Have Put Together My 

Containing Every Online Course I Ever Created! 
Ready to thrive with your sensitive gifts?
The Ultimate Sensitive Success Package is Specifically Designed For sensitive entrepreneurs who want to learn how to better understand, manage & leverage their sensitive gifts to skyrocket their business!
You are...
  • A highly sensitive, intuitive and/or an empathic entrepreneur...
  • Keen to learn how to manage and leverage your sensitivity so it becomes your greatest business asset (and not your secret Achilles heel)...
  • Ready to really step it up and be an 'in-charge' CEO for your business rather than getting stuck in overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Make amazing money doing what you love withoutchanging who you are! 
  • Desiring to step into greater visibility so that you can fully live your mission!

Being highly sensitive can sometimes feel like a curse because you often feel too much, sense too much, and can get hurt too easily. You desperately try to shake it off, and "man up" in order to compete in a frenzied and busy marketplace. Yet it does not work. The strategies that enable others to skyrocket feel fake to you, pushy tactics turn you off, and other people's “blueprints” feel inauthentic and restrictive.

You feel overwhelmed, tired, and at times, simply exhausted and disheartened. You have tried many strategies, and completed countless training courses, yet none have really made a significant difference.

You are becoming more and more depleted emotionally, physically and financially. You have questions spinning around your head constantly. "Why am I not more successful? Why am I not making more money? Why can't I attract my dream customers? Why do I feel so overwhelmed"? The answer is because you have tried running your business like your peers. You forgot how unique you are.

Being a highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneur means that you need to be doing business differently. You are not meant to fit in a constraining cookie-cutter business box.

It is your time to finally...
  • Discover your hidden sensitive powers to completely transform how you approach your business!
  • Leverage your natural GPS (aka your 3rd Eye friend: your Intuition!) to make more aligned & profitable decisions in your business
  • Banish feelings of overwhelm, panic and inertia to finally get things done with focus and clarity
  • Build strong personal and professional boundaries to protect your energy flow and happiness!
  • Develop healthy and easy self-care regimes so you can enjoy high energy all day every day (even as an empath!)
  • Get comfortable with marketing and sales to make money with ease and without sleaze
  • Step into the virtual limelight (even if you are an introvert) to make more of an impact
  • Release the fear of failure and fear of not being good enough so you can stop your self-sabotage behaviour and become the powerful CEO you know you can be!
  • Make amazing money doing what you love without changing who you are or following some inauthentic blueprint processes! 
Embrace being Highly Sensitive & Highly Successful!
It is time to give up the struggle

Trust the little voice inside of you that tells you it does not have to be so hard.

The business you secretly dream of could indeed become your reality. What you seek is seeking you, too! I know that in your daydreams, you inspire, help, and serve in a deep and meaningful way. You finally feel good and authentic getting your business out into the world! You run a growing business without constant stress, burnout, or anxiety. You actually feel like you are in charge, and have enough downtime to relax and enjoy your life! Well, this kind of success can be all yours!

Let me help you thrive with your sensitive gifts, free yourself from the shadows of sensitivity and open up the path towards Sensitive Success!

What is included in the 
Ultimate Sensitive Success Package? 
A Bundle of ALL of my Online Courses!
$997 USD
$997 USD
$597 USD
$397 USD
$297 USD
$3285 USD


All of my Online Courses in One Place

All the Tools YOU Need as a Sensitive Entrepreneur to Succeed!

All for an INCREDIBLE 
Time- Limited Celebratory Discount

Your Ultimate Sensitive Success Bundle 
Online Courses Overview
Sensitive Success Society
$997 USD
This is the one-stop-shop for Highly Sensitive Business Owners who  want to learn how to better understand, manage & leverage their sensitive gifts to skyrocket their business!
  •  7 Modules (3 Video Trainings per Module PLUS Handouts) and Private Facebook Group
  •  Focus Areas:  Understanding Sensitivity, Overwhelm Cure, Healing Perfectionism & Procrastination, Becoming a Money Magnet, Feel-Good Sales Mindset, Energy Management, Joyful Self-Care and much more!!
  • The most comprehensive course every Sensitive Entrepreneur needs!
Money Mindset Mastermind
$997 USD
Learn to detect and release limiting money beliefs and mindset blocks to finally charge your worth and make the money you deserve &desire in your business!
  • 4 Self-Study Video Modules with 5 high impact training videos per module (20 training videos in total) hosted on a beautiful learning platform. Gorgeous Worksheets so you can make even more progress and be accountable to take inspired action!
  •  Focus Areas: Personal Money Blocks, Relationships & Money Blocks, Business & Sales Money Blocks, Money Manifestation Techniques.
  •  Plus Meditations & Abundance Attraction Toolkit! 

Sensitive Awakening Family
Live Group Coaching
- 3 Months Access - 
$597 USD
An Intimate Circle of HSP's where we come together on a monthly Facebook Group LIVE to mastermind, share experiences & thrive! 
  • 4  Video Training Modules on Empowerment, Self-Care, Love & Money
  •  Reiki Video & Meditation especially made for members of the Sensitive Awakening Family to help you step into your sensitive power!
  •  Private Facebook Group with one monthly live call with me to ask me any questions on your life or business PLUS Monthly Book Club!
Awaken Your Sensitive Power
Summer School
$397 USD
Get access to all 11 Video Trainings where I take you through the key steps you need to master to fully step into your Sensitive Power!
  • 11 Video Lessons: Foundations Of Being A Highly Sensitive Person; Releasing Negative Belief Systems; Embracing Your Sensitive Gifts; Hearing Your Intuition & Inner Guidance; Making Friends With Boundaries For More Energy; Healing Perfectionism, Procrastination And Overwhelm; Mastering Your Mindset For Success; Decluttering The World Around You; Self-Care Rituals To Soothe The Sensitive Soul; Determining Your Higher Purpose & Making A Difference; Overcoming The Fear Of Being Seen In The World.
5 Day Abundance Accelerator
$297 USD
Discover the 5 Money Mindset Shifts that will help you overcome any blocks you have that are keeping you from stepping into your full abundance!
  •  5 Video Lessons: Get over "learned helplessness" and self-abandoning behaviour; Move from a closed to an open mindset ; Make wise decisions that grow your money and serve you now AND in future!; Master and reframe failures; Break out of "group-think" in your industry to become a money-making innovator
Your Investment
Access to 5 Online Courses
For Limited Time
All 5 Online Courses for ONLY $997 
(Save $2288 USD)
Want to go VIP? 
Ultimate Sensitive Success
Money Magic Coaching Session
(90 Minutes)
We will use this one-to-one coaching session to intuitively determine your 3 key money blocks (and how to release them!) as well as find the hidden money opportunities in your business!

Regular Investment: $4785
   TEDx Celebration Investment: 
ONLY $1500 (save $3285)
Calls Via Skype or ZOOM. Must be booked in June 2018.
Your Investment 
VIP Ultimate Sensitive Success
Access to all 5 Online Courses & Coaching Session
For Limited Time
5 Online Courses & 1 Coaching Session ONLY $1500 
(Save $3285 USD)
Join today if you are ready to...
  • Deeply understand, honour and fully embrace your sensitive nature (and leave your sensitive shadow sides behind)
  • Have confident control over your emotions and energy levels. (No matter what is going on!)
  • Develop firm, yet loving boundaries to protect yourself and your dreams! (No more energy vampires that leave you drained!)
  • Adopt a success mindset so you can overcome your limiting beliefs about your true potential & abilities! 
  • Let go of painful perfectionism and procrastination so that you can actually bring your vision to life with ease and grace
  • Make friends with money by adopting healthy beliefs about giving andreceiving! (You deserve to live an abundant life)
  • Feel focused, determined and inspired (so you can kiss permanent overwhelm and overstimulation good-bye) 
  • Overcome your fears of being too visible & vulnerable so you so that you can make an impact in the world! 
  • Have healthy relationships with others without falling into the dangerous traps of codependency, guilt or shame.
Some "Happy Words" from previous Clients...
As an artist and finally learning that I am a highly sensitive person has been a lifelong journey. Once I discovered this through Dr. Elaine Aron, I soon after came across Elena and her Sensitive Success Society program for entrepreneurs. This was synchronicity at its optimal setting. 
Having a targeted program for a sensitive person as an entrepreneur has allowed 
me to tap into my gifts evenmore so, to enhance my business practices. 

Rich Wright

For the first time in years someone saw my pain, my effort, my struggle, my progress, all the work that I have done. Finally I had a coach who got me and who I am and who understood where I was stuck.... The feeling that there is nothing wrong with me and embrace all of my Highly Sensitive Person traits was healing, freeing and empowering. 

I feel confident inside and out and my self-esteem is flourishing. I had done a lot of work on myself before I met Elena but the other coaches I worked with before couldn't help me move forward. I felt stuck for years. Now I have the clarity, ease and power to start moving forward again. One step at a time. Thank you so much for believing in me and seeing what I didn't see at first. I am forever grateful for Elena and the network she has created. 

Lotta Heladusa,  

I realized immediately that Elena was the coach I needed. Without hesitation, I scheduled coaching with her. Elena is skilled at delivering knowledge in small bites and not make you feel overwhelmed. Her compassion towards me made it very easy to understand what to do and how to do it.  
Normally, I am not so eager nor receptive to assignments because they aren’t personal enough to motivate me. Elena gets personal, so every activity was about me moving forward, not simply doing an assignment.
No matter what, Elena is astute, committed and ready to help and support you.
 Her energy, her spirit and her confidence makes working with and knowing Elena priceless. 

Patricia Luzi

Elena Herdieckerhoff – thank you for your exquisitely consistent and spot on coaching, for teaching me about what it means to be an HSP (highly sensitive person) entrepreneur in a non-HSP world, and for helping me align my soul and my goals with my truth as a business owner. Your knowledge of the human spirit, its wounding and healing, and its power to positively impact the world through an authentic life and business model meet and exceed anything I’ve encountered elsewhere. You are an incredible gift to me… I’m going to meet you in person some day and give you a really big hug! 

Annette Hadley,

In one word...remarkable! Working with Elena has absolutely changed my life. Her coaching and guidance have guided me to be a better more confident person in everything I do. From the boardroom to my personal relationships, Elena has helped me understand my gift of sensitivity so that I longer feel like a misfit. I've gone from being unsure about myself and the energy I was picking up in my surroundings to knowing that what I feel energetically is real and more often than not, spot on. Elena's technique and her sense of kindness, understanding, and humor make her an ideal mentor and coach! If you're thinking about working with her, don't hesitate, just do it! You'll be glad that you did!" 

Debi Granite,

I am so thankful that the Universe sent Elena to me and that she is in my life! Elena’s advices stayed with me and I am CONSTANTLY and CONSCIOUSLY using the strategies she taught me in the course of my work, everyday. And this is the mark of a transformational coach. She leaves a deep impression in me such that even though I am no longer working with her directly now, her influence stays with me and her words continue to be relevant to me, in the course of my work and life. In fact, whenever I run across difficult situations, I would ask myself- what would Elena say to me in such situations? And the truth always comes ringing through.

At times, we have problems articulating the issues that we have. Elena is so intuitive that she was able to draw out those deep-seeded ones and on many occasions, she pinpointed what they are, accurately, right away. She is someone that is able to connect with you on a deep level and this is only one of her many strengths. She is able to plough through your layers so that you can work on the root issues. The 3 months I worked with Elena did not only transformed the way I work on my business but also, the way I run my life right now. I now run my life with a lot more joy, minus the anxiety I used to have, and that itself is the key to my new-found happiness.   

I took a long time to finally decide to work with Elena and I wasted time that way. I initially planned to talk to her in the beginning of 2017 and finally did in autumn. I know for a fact that had I decided to work with her in the beginning of the year when I knew I needed help, 2017 could have been a totally different year for me. And so, if you are in doubts about working with Elena, don’t ponder any more. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Make the step to work with Elena and I assure you that it will be the best investment for your business and life!  

Suriati Supani

A little about me...
  • As a Intuitive Business Mentor ( for sensitive, intuitive and empathic entrepreneurs, I use my special gift of deep intuition and clairvoyance -- paired with over a decade of rich entrepreneurial experience -- to guide my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs on their success journeys. I blend "inner" mindset and soul work with "outer" authentic marketing and sales strategies to help my clients get back into the flow of their true purpose, abundance, and serenity. 
  • I can speak from experience on how to achieve success by changing my mindset, shining with my sensitive personality, using my intuitive gifts and allowing myself to be divinely guided. Previously to Entreprincess, I have fundraised 7 figures, built an international Luxury Skincare Brand, been featured in major magazines, won multiple awards, and even sold this business in just 5 years.
  • I am a TEDx Speaker on the topic of highly sensitive people with 1.5 million views and have dedicated my life's work to support my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs. 
  • I am also a Reiki master and spiritual seeker. My spiritual inspirations are Abraham Hicks, Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Elizabeth Peru, EFT and many more...
  • I have built a wonderful global community of sensitive entrepreneurs who regularly seek my advice for achieving serene success in their life and business. I would love to help you too!
  • I have a Master's degree from the London School of Economics in Gender & Social Psychology, which gives me powerful tools to help you master your mindset!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the Ultimate Sensitive Success Package for? 
Sensitive, intuitive and empathic entrepreneurs who are longing to release the burdens of sensitivity to finally create the life they dream of!  The Ultimate Sensitive Success Package will nourish your soul, expand your mind and help empower you to let go of limiting beliefs and behaviours so that you can finally claim your true self and live a life of joy, impact and abundance.
How do I access the 5 Online Courses that are included in the Ultimate Sensitive Success Package?
All of the courses are  hosted on our gorgeous Membership platform. Upon purchase, you will receive your unique access details to enjoy your video trainings, beautiful PDF guides and more. 
How do the 3 Facebook Group Live Coaching Sessions work? 
Included in the Ultimate Sensitive Success Package is a 3 month access to Sensitive Awakening Family Facebook Group. The Group Coaching Facebook Lives happen in the first week of every month (usually on a Thursday) around 7pm Central European or 1pm Eastern Time and last one hour. You can directly ask me any coaching questions you need!
How does the VIP version with the personal 1-to-1 Coaching work? 
If you know that you desire a deeper level of support, then I invite you to check out the VIP Option which comes with one 90 Minute Private Coaching Support. This call happens via Skype or ZOOM. Upon payment, you will receive an access link to my calendar to book your session. This session can be booked anytime in the month of June 2018. 
 What’s your refund policy?  
There are no refunds offered for payments made meaning all sales are final. I am deeply committed to your (sensitive) success and want you to go all in with me as I will with you! Please reach out to me with any questions at [email protected] before you sign up to make sure this is the right membership for you.
  I have another question that isn’t here. What do you recommend?   
Please get in touch with me & my team at [email protected], we are happy to help!